Miftek’s SPS-100 is single photon spectrometer in UV to visible wavelength from 200nm to 900nm. In combination with the PDS-100 photon detection system and our custom designed motored monochromator, it is possible to quantitative evaluate six orders of magnitude intensity profile. The monochromator is optimized to minimize inside stray light and maximize fiber optic coupling efficiency. The CS-001 software can control the monochromator wavelength with 0.1nm step precision combined with gated photon counting with 1ms ~9.999 sec. A CSV data file can be created or data plot display in real time is available. The display plot can select several parameters and show linear/logarithmic scale displays. The CSV file can be used for any calculation or calibration method using Excel.
Single Photon Spectrometer SPS-100
Single Photon Spectrometer SPS-100

Key features

  • Single Channel motored monochromator with PDS-100
  • Concave holographic blazed grating with low stray light
  • FC fiber coupling at entrance and exit
  • Groove density: 1,200 grooves/mm
  • Wavelength range: 200nm ~ 900nm
  • F Number: F=3
  • Wavelength resolution: 0.1nm step
  • Spectral FWHM: 1nm
  • Fast scanning speed (500 nm/s)
  • Easy access to on boardcomponents
  • Fully upgradeable to UV and IR version

PSD-100 System Includes

  • GPS-10 Sensor Unit
  • GPC-10 Counter Unit
  • CS-001 Control Software
  • FO-1 FC/SMA Fiber Optical cables
  • Fiber Coupler (NA0.30-NA0.16 Vis)
  • Motored Monochromator (200-900nm)
  •  with FC connector & 0.2mm slits (standard) & drive cable
  • Single Channel Motor Driver
  • PS/USB Interface